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IVF data: the latest research helping to transform journeys to conception

Emma Harpham in partnership with Leeaf  |   31 Jan 2024

Revolutionizing journeys to conception with cutting-edge IVF data

At the frontier of fertility research, Leeaf is an innovative platform and smart and secure fertility treatment guide and planner.

We caught up with Jan Choma, Founder & Co-CEO of Leeaf, to learn all about their latest research project.

Watch and learn how they’re conducting this groundbreaking research, aiming to improve IVF outcomes and offer personalized solutions.

Plus, explore the crucial reasons driving this project, understand why IVF data matters, and learn how you can actively contribute to shaping the future of fertility!

Curious? Download the Leeaf app for FREE today, and take ownership of your medical information and unique fertility journey.

What is Leeaf and how did you start?

Leeaf is a data-driven fertility health platform that transforms the conception journey by delivering truly personalized fertility treatment recommendations to physicians and patients.

“It all started with my own experience with IVF…and it took us 12 failed cycles until we got our Oliver. That was the initial impulse for me to get into IVF and AI, because I was convinced that AI can support patients as well as physicians.”

Tell us about your new research project on the Leeaf platform

“When we looked at the publications, most of the research is based on retrospective data … very often they are inconsistent and incomplete.

So, we took a different approach, where we would be collecting not only medical data, but also lifestyle, environmental and genetic data.

We believe that we will be able to identify much closer and better correlations within this rich dataset, which will enable us to develop algorithms for hyper personalized treatment for each individual patient.”

How are you conducting the research?

“First, we set up a scientific board, with professors and clinicians to develop the why the research was going to be conducted.

We have multiple clinics and centres, so that we will be collecting data from different countries & patient characteristics.”

Why are you doing this research project?

“We are looking for the most personalized treatment for a patient. There is no average woman for us, there is a very individual person in front of a clinician.

Through collecting data, we can provide physicians with much more info even before he / she can see the patient.”

Why does IVF data matter, and how can I be part of it?

“There is not a data set of such quality available at the moment.

If people want to join the research, they will need to find out whether that clinic is partnering with us. If not, everybody is free to let us know which clinic they want to go to, and we will approach the clinic for potential participation.”

The bottom line

Remember that IVF data is more than just numbers – it’s part of the puzzle of unlocking personalized pathways to parenthood. By staying informed and contributing to ongoing research, you play a vital role in shaping the future of conception journeys.

With the Leeaf app, it’s easy to regain control of your fertility journey. With expert advice, shared stories and personalised treatment plans, Leeaf helps you feel empowered during fertility treatment to improve your chances of IVF success.

Download and try the app for FREE today, and get involved!

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