The fertility game plan that helps you take the guesswork out of TTC

Kristina Lopez in partnership with AIM Women's Wellness  |   31 Jan 2024

Many couples face the uphill battle of infertility, with many physical and mental challenges along the way. From personal care products to environmental worries, you may feel like there’s so much to worry about and not enough time or energy in your day to plan what to do next. Founder of the Los Angeles County AIM Women’s Wellness Clinic and fertility health coach Denise Noyer-Erez, L.Ac. shared how she’s helped hundreds of couples find a way out of the haze of fertility planning.

Known as The Fertility Godmother, Denise created a holistic way for couples to navigate their new or complicated path to parenthood through online consultations and programs accessible worldwide. The Get Pregnant Method is a holistic course focusing on naturally supporting your fertility, understanding your body and cycle and proactively preparing for pregnancy.

TRB readers can schedule a FREE 20-minute Get Pregnant Clarity session to learn more and join the course today to take the guesswork out of TTC. Let’s dive into what makes this course unique and how it can help you unlock clarity, health, and support on your TTC journey.

Denise Noyer-Erez fertility health coach

Natural support methods

Unlocking the power of fertility supplements

If you’re currently trying to conceive but finding it difficult to find balance in your food, there is a way to simplify how you get the nutrition you need. After talking to your fertility doctor about making any necessary diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes, there are other ways to naturally support your body. It’s important to use prenatal supplements to enhance your personalized fertility food plan. For example, pairing folate, or vitamin B9, with vitamin C and B12 can specifically improve fertility health from ovulation to pregnancy. 

With The Get Pregnant Method, Denise shares the most effective fertility supplements to improve overall health and egg quality through different reproductive stages during TTC.  It’s not about trying everything and seeing what sticks—it’s about quality over quantity.

Understanding your relationship with food 

Intentionally eating what supports your fertility can be easier said than done. Fortunately, you can learn to do more than just avoid foods that harm your chances of getting pregnant. It’s all about making conscious decisions that enhance your natural fertility process versus depriving your body of nutrients and using diets that don’t benefit you. Denise’s Get Pregnant Method course breaks down how to feed your body well so that every part of you can flourish. You’ll gain a personalized game plan and take the guesswork out of things like:  

  • Learning how to support your unique hormonal levels with food ensures your body isn’t working against you and determines fertility health.
  • How to include important food sources like omega-3 fatty acids, to support your brain health and healthy reproductive cell development.
  • Mindful eating reduces stress and creates balance in your body by listening to what it needs when trying to conceive.

Remember: The goal is not to strive for perfection but instead to make informed choices about what foods you are consuming.

Decoding you body's fertility signals

Understanding your cycle

Decoding your body’s fertility signals

Your body is a complex system that is always communicating with you how it feels and what it needs to function. Recognizing the body’s messages is a skill often ignored in our experiences as women. Tuning into your body and knowing whether you’re ready to conceive or need a little extra support to get there is a game-changer. AIM Women’s Wellness Clinic empowers you with the knowledge and tools to understand your cycle, recognize fertile windows, and identify potential issues that need attention sooner rather than later. 

The Get Pregnant Method course offers a clearer and more empathetic path to reaching your fertility goals with expert support. You’ll get lifelong access to valuable video content, downloads, and guided worksheets to become more fluent in your body’s unique signals.

Proactive prep tips

Stress management, emotional strength, and fertility testing roadmap

We all know that stress can impact our fertility in various ways – and we stress a lot! The more we stress, the more elusive pregnancy can become. Trying to conceive under constant stress can be a vicious cycle because high cortisol (stress hormone) hinders your body’s ability to regulate reproductive hormones, which then impairs crucial processes such as ovulation and implantation. This interference further complicates an already uncertain fertility window.

The ‘Zen Mama: Emotional Strength for Fertility’ lesson goes over simple yet powerful techniques to create practical habits in how to:

  • Manage stress (internally and externally)
  • Calm your nervous system (nutritious foods and fertility-friendly habits)
  • Stay present (ruminating on negative vs positive future outcomes).

Denise also created a comprehensive ‘Fertility Testing Roadmap’ that focuses on the right testing, not the kinda-sorta guessing. The roadmap to your parenthood journey should be unique to you and your body’s needs. Denise guides you through the tests you need to take, explains why they are important, and clarifies what the results mean. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your efforts and energy where they matter most.

Get support and clarity on your TTC journey today

If you’re ready to take the next step up and out of the guesswork in your TTC journey, The Get Pregnant Method can show you how to overcome the fertility challenges that are holding you back.

You have the power to start your path to parenthood right now. Schedule a FREE 20-minute Get Pregnant Clarity session to learn how to support your fertility, and stop guessing on your TTC journey by joining the holistic course today.

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