The at-home sperm test taking fertility diagnostics to a new level

Emma Harpham, in partnership with YO Sperm  |   25 Jul 2023

The sperm test kit to know, for quality and motility

Despite playing a role in roughly 50% of infertility cases, male fertility remains a gray area for many who are trying to conceive (TTC). In fact, testing the male fertility factor often ends up being a last resort for couples who’re struggling.

Collaborating with YO Home Sperm Test, we polled our 50k-strong TRB Insta community.

  • When couples who had undergone a fertility journey were asked when the male fertility factor was tested, 44% responded that they only tested after trying to conceive. 
  • A further 18% said they’d only tested him after undergoing some form of fertility treatment. 
  • On average, respondents said they waited over a year to get their male partner tested for the first time. 

With such a small percentage testing for the male fertility factor from the beginning, it is clear that many couples may have gotten pregnant sooner and more affordably, with an understanding of their sperm health up-front.

But how can this diagnostic gap be closed? And how will this benefit patients and clinics alike?

Medical Electronic Systems (MES) are world leaders in male fertility testing, improving the speed, accuracy and privacy of sperm testing at home with their smartphone-based YO Home Sperm Test. While an at-home semen analysis is not a replacement for a full laboratory test, it is an important first step for couples to learn where they stand, as well as a tool to start conversations in-clinic.

Lab-grade sperm testing, at home

Developed by MES fertility experts with over 20 years of industry experience supporting 1,000’s of fertility centers, reference labs, and doctor’s offices across almost 50 countries, YO brings sperm testing firmly into the hands of patients. 

Many at-home sperm tests only evaluate sperm count (how many sperm are present). In contrast, YO’s next-gen kit also analyzes Motile Sperm Concentration (how many are moving) as well as assigning a sperm quality percentage (YO Score) which compares results to other men who have fathered children. Patients receive a video recording of their sample, and their results can be shared seamlessly with clinics and healthcare providers or kept 100% private.

How accurate is the YO Home Sperm test?

So this sounds like a pretty comprehensive picture of results – but with just 6% of our poll respondents answering that they tested their male partner with an at-home kit, what should we know about the trustworthiness of testing sperm at home? 

With over 100,000 test kits sold, the YO Home Sperm Test uses innovative image processing technology which ensures a high level of accuracy, with a 97% match to laboratory analyzers. 

Backed by trusted manufacturers of innovative fertility tech used in thousands of professional labs and fertility centers for over 20 years, the system has undergone rigorous FDA trials over the last five years, making it the only at-home system with FDA clearance that utilizes a smartphone to report Motile Sperm Concentration. 

Unlike other brands, the YO Home Sperm Test works seamlessly with any smartphone through a direct WiFi connection, eliminating the need for patients to awkwardly position their phone on a sensor and expose it to biohazard conditions. Furthermore, the slide-based analysis minimizes sample handling errors, ensuring fast, easy-to-digest results that clinics and patients can trust.

How important is accessibility here?

Being able to take a reliable sperm test at home before seeing a doctor is not only easy and private – it also broadens access for couples and individuals across the US, regardless of location, budget, and where they stand in their fertility journey. 

Interested individuals can buy YO on trusted platforms over the counter, and healthcare professionals can collaborate with YO through referral discounts and wholesale partnerships. By providing such convenient and affordable testing options, YO Home Sperm Test eliminates many of the common barriers that may prevent men from getting tested sooner.

Who can benefit from a first-step male fertility screening?

Men, their partners, and the doctors and clinics that support them can all benefit from a reliable and accessible first-step male fertility test.

It is both simpler and cheaper to explore as an initial step compared to female fertility testing, and the seamless process establishes a direct connection between patients and healthcare providers through the test results and video-sharing feature. This early-stage connection enables follow-up consultations and enhances patient engagement from day one.

  • For patients – Home sperm testing is an important and empowering tool that motivates patients to seek help earlier. 38% of our poll respondents confirmed that they ‘wish they’d tested him sooner’, and even couples who are TTC and are actively seeking help will often be faced with wait lists and multiple appointments. YO Home Sperm Test empowers patients to show up at their clinic with results in hand, earning them the clarity they deserve.
  • For clinics Doctors can offer YO Home Sperm Test as a private first-step screening to their patients, promoting proactive male fertility testing. This encourages testing of the male fertility factor as a service to the female partner. Providers can help support their patients in more circumstances where men may be hesitant to test.

Further, an important upshot of ‘getting him tested first’ is the ability to access all-important information and emotional support. This is something that couples can benefit from when navigating their journey towards parenthood, if male factor fertility is found to be an issue.

95% of our poll respondents said they thought much more support should be made available specifically for men going through fertility challenges. The YO Home Sperm Test provides practical advice for lifestyle improvement as part of the package – supporting the advice from clinics, while providing support for male patients who want to optimize their fertility health.

The YO Home Sperm Test is available for clinics and individuals right now. With a wide range of options and packages to choose from, head to the YO Home Sperm Test website to sign up as a partner and/or order your first kit! Remember, it All Started with a Sperm and Egg!

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