Podcast – Fertility Hormone Levels with Professor Wass, Endocrinologist at Oxford University

16 Nov 2020

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Fertility Hormone Levels


This week we welcomed highly experienced fertility hormone specialist, Professor John Wass, from Oxford University.

Listen in full below as he explains what ovulation is, when ovulation occurs and what common ovulation signs can be (such as cramping). He tells us more about the luteal phase – its meaning, length (short luteal phase) and symptoms.

If you’re trying to conceive and are worried about your thyroid or PCOS, Dr Wass explains whether thyroid is hereditary and how Clomid (Clomiphene) may help those struggling with PCOS.

Male Infertility – we discuss causes, symptoms and treatment of infertility with HCG, as well as fertility issues from pituitary tumours.

Last but by no means least, we talk about the importance of prolactin levels when trying to conceive and how this may affect implantation.

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