How Much is Fertility Treatment? US & UK Costs, Explained

Undergoing fertility treatment can be hugely expensive.  Fertility treatment is a huge investment and financing IVF treatment is understandably a common concern is cost. With no guarantees that one cycle will be “enough”, the possible cost of IVF can skyrocket.  Just one round of IVF can set intended parents back around £5,000 to £7,000 in [...]
dhea fertility treatment-vaginal health test-AMH testing

My real-time IVF prep plan – Part 3: testing

When it comes to vaginal and reproductive health tests, where do you start – and stop? Here are the three at-home tests our founder used to measure and dive into DHEA, AMH and vaginal microbiome status. All super straightforward, and with very different results.

ivf superfoods preparation plan

My real-time IVF prep plan – Part 2: superfoods

Just like my IVF prep supplements plan, the IVF (and pre egg-collection) superfoods list I’m working with is all about egg quality, antioxidants, hormone regulation, blood flow and anti-inflammatory support. Let’s go!


My real-time IVF prep plan – Part 1: supplements

When it comes to IVF preparation – for a fresh or frozen embryo transfer – TRB’s founder and CEO Eloise Edington knows her stuff. Here are the supplements she’s taken while preparing for IVF. And, which ones she’ll start, stop or carry on with across this fifth cycle.

IVF egg retrieval process gynem

The IVF egg retrieval process – what to expect (from start to finish)

Waiting on an egg retrieval and wondering what the process is like? When you’re on an IVF journey, this procedure represents a significant step - but can also often feel like an intimidating part of the process. With almost three decades of pioneering bespoke and cutting-edge IVF treatment, Gynem Fertility Clinic has supported thousands of [...]

How can I reduce the egg collection bloat?

Bloating after egg collection is a thing, so what can we do? When you're going through fertility treatment, it's not uncommon to feel bloated, or have constipation or gas.  But how do you reduce bloating after egg collection, for a more comfortable IVF cycle? Today, TRB has turned to Deputy Nursing Manager, Jo Whitty, at CRGH [...]

Got the IVF fear? I’ll run beside you, says Fiercely Fertile’s Angela Shaba

If you’ve dipped a toe into fertility, you’ll have read about the mind-body connection. What makes this aspect of TTC so powerful, and a turn-key for so many? Angela Shaba, PhdD, sports performance counselor, fertility warrior and founder of Fiercely Fertile, explains.  Words by Angela Shaba, PhD The fertility mindset Fertility struggles. Infertility. IVF. There [...]

Films and Documentaries on (In)Fertility – Our Top 8 Picks

Seeing ourselves and our experiences reflected in the media we watch is really important for helping us make sense of them – and that includes our fertility journeys. We love a good doc or film that gets into the nitty gritty of real-life TTC inspiring stories, and there are tons out there showing real life [...]

IVF Blog – How To Prepare for an Embryo Transfer

When preparing for something like an embryo transfer it’s more than normal to feel apprehensive about the IVF process. We’ve teamed up with expert Embryologist Kristen in Australia, creator of the I like my eggs fertilised IVF blog, @ilikemyeggsfertilised, to demystify the process and tell us what we can do to best prepare for embryo transfer.


Solo Motherhood – Choosing to Have Children on Your Own with Donor Sperm

There are lots of reasons why you might struggle to conceive, and one of the less talked about obstacles is ‘social infertility’.’ This is when there is not a physical reason that stops you from conceiving, but a social reason. For example, if you’re in a same-sex couple and you need donor sperm, donor eggs and or surrogacy. Perhaps you [...]

When to have fertility acupuncture, and why

Fertility acupuncture can be a useful treatment, whether you're trying to conceive (TTC) naturally or with support like IVF or IUI. One of the key aspects is knowing where in your journey to start, from booking an appointment to confirming that first fertility acupuncture session with your practitioner. We sat down with expert fertility acupuncturist [...]

Supplementing during IVF – what to take and why

The prenatal vitamins IVF plan For TRB founder and CEO Eloise, it's one of the first things to factor in. Which vitamins to take during IVF (and in the build-up, and then the two week wait). Whatever stage you’re at with your fertility, managing your body’s nutrient levels is a gentle yet easily actionable way [...]

Managing IVF costs, when treatment isn’t working – Rosie’s story

We’re all about positivity at The Ribbon Box. Holding on to hope has been a big part of the journey to parenthood, for more than one team member. But for each of us, layering hope with realism is also key. We want straight answers, not waffle. And we want reassurance, but only if it’s grounded [...]

Embryo implantation dysfunction – an MD’s deep-dive 101

Sadly, IVF can fail for many reasons. And it’s not all about embryo quality, or incompetency. Did you know that in about 20% of cases, a failed round is due to implantation dysfunction?  The Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS) team have pioneered this area of assisted reproduction study for over three decades. And with Dr. Sher [...]

Does Exercise Impact Fertility and Treatment?

We all know that regular exercise can help with fertility, but we hear so many different suggestions depending on where you are in your conceiving journey, that it's hard to know what to believe. To clarify things, Fertility Help Hub have reached out to Lyndsey, who has been a registered fitness instructor for the past [...]

Roe vs. Wade 2 weeks on – the impact on IVF and fertility care

Words by Jessie Day Following the momentous call in the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade, we reached out to our Fertility Help Hub Instagram community, getting your thoughts and concerns for IVF and fertility care in general.  Almost 75% of respondents are worried about IVF care, in the aftermath of new anti-abortion legislation. [...]

How Can Assisted Reproductive Technology Help Me Get Pregnant?

Assisted Reproductive Technology has progressed rapidly since the first IVF baby was conceived over 40 years ago. Today, different types of assisted reproductive technology are used for different purposes to give embryologists a vast array of detailed information about gametes and embryos. Each development of assisted reproductive technology is accompanied by many benefits for intended [...]
I Need to Have IVF – Should I be Scared A Fertility Specialist Explains

I Need to Have IVF – Should I be Scared? A Fertility Specialist Explains

Embarking on a fertility treatment path can be nerve-wracking and, for some, it might be a daunting or scary prospect. But it doesn't have to be. By reading this article, you're already doing what you need to do to help you mentally prepare for IVF: researching what to expect from fertility treatment. While it's essential [...]

Can IVF Medication Bring on Menopause? A Fertility Specialist Explains

In a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian (43) has claimed that IVF medication sent her into menopause and caused her to feel depressed. At Fertility Help Hub, we know there are plenty of fertility myths and misconceptions, which is why we regularly speak with fertility experts across the globe to [...]

How to Date when Having Fertility Treatment

So you're worried your biological clock is ticking?  You're acutely aware that all your friends are settling down.  After each bad date, you ask yourself: "Was he really that bad?" Just me?  Of course not - thanks, society. As women approach and traverse their thirties, many report feeling pressured to find a partner, settle down, [...]

Chrissy Teigen Begs for More Sensitivity During IVF Treatment

Chrissy Teigen announced over the weekend that she's having another round of IVF to expand the family she has with her musician husband, John Legend. In an Instagram post, Teigen said she's "balls deep in another IVF cycle" and writes that she also experiences common IVF treatment side effects.  A reaction to comments from her [...]

Follow These 4 Tips to Improve IVF Success

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the importance of a healthy body to improve IVF success.  Regular moderate exercise, a fertility friendly diet and ensuring you take fertility-boosting nutrients all contribute to fertility treatment outcomes. Today, Charlotte at The Fertility Kitchen shares her top tips for boosting IVF results by following a fertility friendly meal [...]

I’m Nervous to Inject my IVF Meds! Advice from Our Community

Most people are vaguely aware of what's involved in IVF: lots of appointments, medical scans, tablets and injections (to name the bare minimum).  But when it comes round to actually having IVF, it's somewhat amusing coming to terms with the fact you'll have to inject a needle into your stomach or thighs, every day, for the [...]

What Should I Consider Before Having IVF?

When embarking on fertility treatment, there are many things to think about.  In fact, there are so many things to consider, it's understandable we forget some of these things on our fertility journeys. Fortunately, FHH's new fertility clinic partner, iGin, has rounded up key questions to ask before starting IVF. iGin is a highly-regarded fertility [...]

Is it Better Not to Take a Break Between IVF Cycles?

Towards the end of last year, FHH asked: "Is it better to take breaks between IVF cycles?"  As we begin 2022, I'd like to present a case for not taking a break during fertility treatment. Ultimately, the decision is yours and is best discussed with your doctor but there can be compelling reasons for taking the [...]

The Odds are Against Me – But I Still Have Hope

Our fertility community is always bursting with messages of hope and support (download our free app). Here, one member under the name "Solo Mummy Donor Conceived", shares her thoughts on hope and moving forwards. Over to Solo Mummy Donor Conceived (find her Instagram here). One year closes and another one begins...  Time moving forwards is [...]

Here’s How My Infertility Made Me Stronger

When we asked our FHH community (download the free app here) about fertility hopes for 2022, members approached us with longer stories of infertility and fertility treatment. Here, Paige shares her story about difficulty TTC, sadness of ending 2021 without a baby and hope for what 2022 brings. Over to Paige... My husband Chris and [...]

What I’ve Learned from my Fertility Nightmare

Our FHH community (download the free app here) is forever a source of guidance, advice and support for one another and the shared stories offer insights and tips for coping with (in)fertility and fertility treatment. Today, Kristie shares her and her partner's story about recurrent miscarriage and unexplained fertility. Thank you for your story, Kristie.  [...]

Tips for Surviving the 2WW

Earlier this week, we shared our community’s thoughts on the benefits of being part of a fertility community (read it here). Many TRB Instagram followers said reading sharing experiences and stories helps them to feel less alone on an otherwise lonely journey. Today, Dena shares her story about the 2WW, failed IVF treatment and Christmas [...]
IVF Brain Fog

IVF Brain Fog? What it is and what you can do about it

We’ve all heard of “baby brain” or “pregnancy brain” but what about “IVF brain”?  Is that a thing?  What does it mean?  And how can I stop it from happening? At TRB, we all know that injecting IVF stimulation hormones each day (and up to twice a day) wreaks havoc on our bodies. We experience [...]

5 Ways to Optimise IVF Success

At Fertility Help Hub, we have a wealth of Wellbeing Tips to help with IVF success.  Today, Charlotte at The Fertility Kitchen shares her top tips for optimising IVF results through nutrition and more.  Read on to claim an exclusive discount to help you use nutrition to influence IVF treatment. Words by Charlotte Grand IVF [...]

How A Genetic Mutation Could Have Cost Grace Her Donor

You may know Grace and Catherine (previous guests on the Fertility Help Hub podcast) as the couple who were one of our eight successful applicants for a round of free IVF. For Grace and Catherine, the process of selecting a donor was not easy by any means - the experience was arduous and caused some [...]
Is It Better To Take Breaks Between IVF Cycles

Is It Better To Take Breaks Between IVF Cycles?

Knowing when or if to take breaks in-between IVF cycles can be really confusing as there is no clear answer. You may be recommended different suggestions by fertility specialists, making it hard to know whether taking or not taking a break will affect you or your IVF success rates. To help make things a little [...]

How DNA Testing Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster

DNA testing, what is it? How does it work and what can it do for fertility? Annette Presley, founder of the Get Pregnant Plan, eplains the process, to help our Fertility Help Hub readers to have all the resources needed to make an informed decision about fertility treatment options. Read on to learn more about [...]

Rebel Wilson’s Fight for IVF Success and Hope

Particularly when it comes to healthcare, professionals endeavour to give impartial advice but this isn’t always the reality.  Unfortunately, some people - including celebrity Rebel Wilson - experience medical bias which can impact treatment pathways and results. Read on to find out how Rebel Wilson overcame medical bias on her fertility journey... By Holly Pigache [...]

Identifying Why You’re Miscarrying – Is M2 Playing a Role?

Miscarriage is one of the toughest experiences that a couple may endure whist trying to start or build their family. While baby loss is very common, there is no real indicator as to why this occurs. However, from recent studies, we can see that gene mutation may be a cause of miscarriage. This information may [...]

Advice to my Younger and Infertile Self

Fertility Help Hub know just how arduous that road to fertility can be. For this reason, blogger, Jess Veit, shares words of advice to her younger self as she underwent IVF treatment. Read on to find out what Jess's thoughts for those undergoing IVF or any other fertility treatments. Words by Jess Veit The other [...]

After 3 Cycles of IVF, Eastenders Star Welcomes Baby Number 3

IVF really does have all the ups and downs of a rollercoaster and sometimes it can be helpful to hear the stories of other people to see that, even during the lowest of lows while trying to conceive, there is hope. Fertility Help Hub are delighted to hear about how IVF has helped another couple [...]

New Egg Freezing Law Will Give Women More Choice

Government and fertility specialists are acknowledging that the current 10-year limit on storage for frozen embryos, eggs and sperm is restrictive on reproductive choices, as well as unequal (those who can prove that they have become prematurely infertile are already able to store their genetic material for longer).  A new law will extend the limit to [...]

How to Increase Your Fertility and Intimacy While Trying to Conceive

When trying to conceive, sex can seem a lot more daunting. In some circumstances couples can struggle to regain that intimacy they once had before, due to incorporating such a rigid or calculated baby making regime. Fertility Help Hub has reached out to Dr Denise Wiesner, a traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist, who combines intimacy techniques [...]

How to Know Which Embryos are Viable

Embryologists play one of the most important roles during the IVF process. People often wonder what is an embryologist?  We recently did a brilliant webinar with Laurel Fertility Care - 'Everything You Need to Know about Embryology' and we had a ton of questions which we didn't have time to answer live. That's why Fertility [...]


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