Living as a donor-conceived adult: Alice’s story

Just what is it like, to be a donor-conceived adult? And, are our assumptions more a product of traditional norms, than reality? Today, we hear from Alice Underwood, a theatre-maker and donor conceived person, with a story to tell. Alice is an Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Happy Accident Theatre Ltd. Her debut show, “Don’t [...]

Fertility Clinics vs. Covid – Maria and Samuel’s Journey

Last year, Fertility Help Hub ran a campaign offering eight couples or solo parents a free round of IVF. Maria* and Samuel* were successful applicants for our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid initiative. Here they share their story. *Names have been changed Over to Maria and Samuel… Mothering Instincts First and foremost, we would like to [...]

Our Fertility Journey to Our Sunset and Sunrise Babies

Fertility Help Hub wouldn't be what it is without our wonderful fertility community and sharing the richness and diversity of pathways to parenthood helps to make FHH an inclusive platform. Here, Shannon shares her and her husband's story of trying to conceive, fertility tests and treatment, surviving the 2WW and their sunset and sunrise babies. [...]

What We’ve Learned From Choosing an Egg Donor for Fertility Treatment

Many in our fertility community understand how a fertility journey is littered with curveballs and hurdles. Here, Rachel Honeyman shares her and her husband's story of infertility, the discovery that their fertility problems could be female-factor, in addition to the male-factor issues they knew existed, and finally, find out what they learned when choosing donor [...]

A Doctor Told me to Break Up with my Husband because he’s Infertile

Anyone who's been candid with friends, family or strangers about trying to conceive knows that other people love sharing their advice and tips about how to get pregnant. But rarely are these suggestions novel, and they have a tendency to do more harm than good. For this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week, we’ve teamed up [...]

A Hug Won’t Make My Infertility Disappear But It Helps Me Feel Seen

Living with (in)fertility is a reality many in our Fertility Help Hub community face.  Some find support and care from loved ones, others feel more isolated.  While it's unlikely that friends and family mean to cause upset with comments about trying for a baby or fertility difficulties, it doesn't mean that some things people say [...]

10 inspiring stories from celebrities who have struggled to conceive

Banner images source: The Hollywood Reporter The conversation around infertility is growing, and it’s all thanks to those who are adding their personal, inspiring stories to the mix. Here are some of our favourite celebrity infertility stories that have inspired hope among those trying to conceive and normalised the topic at large. Of course let’s [...]
Destigmatising infertility in the Indian community

Destigmatising infertility in the Indian community – Seetal Savla’s story

Today, we're sitting down with chef, freelance writer and fertility advocate Seetal Savlafaire, as she talks about her personal trying to conceive journey. She's also the founder of the Savlafaire fertility blog, set up to destigmatise infertility in the Indian community – and get people talking more openly about the conceiving help they need. Over [...]


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