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New Fertility Course – ‘Finding Female Balance’ with Kirsten Oddy

Eloise Edington  |   21 Oct 2020


We know first-hand just how important holistic wellbeing is when TTC (trying to conceive). We regularly feature nutritional advice on foods that help with fertility, and that’s why we’re excited to hear from our partner nutritionist, Kirsten Oddy, about her brand new virtual course, ‘Finding Female Balance’ .

Would you like to regain control of your hormones and optimize your female health? In this fertility blog, fertility expert Kirsten will explain how her new four-week online course can benefit you, whether you’re trying to conceive or not. We asked Kirsten a few questions to learn more. PLUS she has an exclusive discount code for all our Fertility Help Hub readers too, so make sure you read on to benefit!

Over to Kirsten… | @kirstenoddynutrition

When does the course start?

The fertility course starts on the 1st November, and registration will close at 11pm on Friday 30th October.

Who will the course benefit?

The principles I teach in the course will be supportive of your hormones and female health, no matter what age or stage you’re at on your trying to conceive journey. So if:

  • You are thinking about/trying to conceive

  • You have irregular or absent periods

  • You have painful or heavy periods

  • You suffer with awful PMS symptoms

  • You’re experiencing hair loss

  • You have persistent acne

  • You have increased hair growth on your face

  • You are lacking in energy and get the dreaded mid-afternoon crash

  • You are struggling to lose weight

  • You have PCOS

  • You want to build a positive relationship with yourself and food

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How will the course help those trying to conceive?

Focusing on balancing your hormones and optimising your female health through diet and lifestyle is the cornerstone of preconception planning and can be really helpful at increasing your chances of conception / IVF success!

What’s included in the four-week online fertility course?

  • Weekly Lessons so you can learn the ‘how and why’ of balancing your hormones.

  • Actionable Tips and Worksheets – for you to implement each week

  • Access to Clinic Resources and Handouts – so you have the tools to easily implement the changes

  • Hormone-Balancing Recipe Book – with shopping lists and meal plan suggestions

  • Expert Guidance to me throughout the four weeks via a messaging platform

  • Join a Private Online Community

  • Additional Discounts – off any supplements, testing recommendations and consultations if required

  • 1:1 Summary Call – so you are all set to continue balancing your hormones for good!

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Which topics are covered in the weekly lessons?

Each week we will cover one of my key pillars of hormone health:

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Lowering inflammation

  • Optimising gut health

  • Lifestyle considerations

These are the main areas I commonly address with my female health clients and have great success in doing so!

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Are there any live elements to attend the course?

Nope! The course content is delivered via video and written format that will land in your inbox each week that you can refer to at any time.

How long will attendees have access to the course?

They will have lifetime access to the content. I have designed the course so attendees can either fully immerse themselves for the four weeks – or refer back to the content at a later date to self pace. You decide!

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Who isn’t this course suitable for?

There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this course. Having said that, if you have longer term health issues or would like a personalised approach to your female health, preconception care plan or are undergoing fertility treatment at a fertility clinic, then a 1:1 consultation package might be more suitable.

How much is the course & FHH discount

The course is £155. All Fertility Help Hub readers can benefit from a 20% discount. Simply use code FHH20 at the checkout to redeem the offer. Registration ends 30th October. Purchase the course

What if our readers have any more questions?

I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me via the platforms mentioned at the start of this fertility blog, as well as through my email:

I look forward to seeing you there!


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Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about on your own fertility journey, in terms of re-evaluating your female health and perhaps improving some lifestyle choices. Why not give Kirsten’s new fertility course a go? It can provide invaluable fertility help, and help support you when trying to conceive.


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