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Summer vaginal health tips – 5 ways to keep your intimate health in check on vacation

Emma Harpham in partnership with YES®  |   15 Aug 2023

Looking for expert summer vaginal health tips? As temperatures rise, so does the likelihood of intimate health challenges. From annoying yeast infections to skin irritation and everything in between, experts suggest that the summer heat and humidity (plus the consequences that travelling and vacationing can have on vaginal care) can often play a role for those who are struggling with discomfort down there.

That’s why AH! YES® (YES® in the UK) has partnered with us to bring you some simple tips to vacation-proof your vagina and spread the word about their range of organic intimate care products. You can get 20% off with the code TRB20 if you’re keen to try them out for yourself.

How can summer affect your vaginal health?

Sweating: The hot and humid weather can cause you to sweat more, creating a warm and moist environment that fosters the growth of bacteria and yeast. This can mean your intimate health is more likely to be thrown off balance.

Dehydration: If you’re sweating lots (and potentially drinking more alcohol than usual) you’re more likely to be dehydrated. This can contribute to increased vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Clothing: Tight clothing and prolonged sitting during plane and car travel can result in chafing and irritation around the vagina, just as wearing wet swimsuits or clothing for extended periods of time can present challenges for maintaining your natural pH balance. 

Activities: When spending time at the pool and swimming frequently, it’s important to know that chlorine in the water can often cause problems down there. And when it comes to other kinds of summer fun, everything from chemicals in certain sunscreens to lotions and even some personal lubricants may also irritate your intimate skin.

Is BV more common in the summer? What about yeast infections?

Whilst there isn’t a direct link between visiting a hot environment and getting vaginal infections, it has been found that bacterial vaginosis can occur more frequently in the summer months. This is due to bacteria overgrowth happening more easily, and the same goes for yeast infections, too.

Other symptoms that can worsen during the hotter months include vulvitis (painful inflammation around the vulva) and allergic reactions on the delicate thin skin of your intimate area.

Summer vaginal health tips yes intimate health

Summer vaginal health tips for your vacation

Here’s your vaginal care checklist that you can refer to on the move, to keep things feeling good down there all day long.

1. Put on loose, cotton clothing in the morning

Things like sitting for a long time on a plane and wearing tight shorts to brunch in the heat can contribute to creating a warm environment in your intimate area. This can lead to bacteria overgrowth. Wearing loose comfy clothes with breathable cotton can help to reduce sweat and overgrowth of bacteria, whilst also making sure you keep uncomfortable chafing to a minimum.

2. Keep fresh during the day

Whilst people tend to shower more when it’s warm anyway, make sure that you’re maintaining vaginal care throughout the day on vacation.

For example, chlorine and chemicals from pools can aggravate your intimate area, so keeping clean after swimming with an intimate wash like the AH! YES Cleanse – Feminine Intimate washes (that’s the YES® CLEANSE – Intimate Wash for our UK readers) is essential for your vaginal health. 

If dryness is an issue for you, the AH! YES OB Plant-Oil Natural Lubricant (YES® OB Oil-Based Lubricant in the UK) can even be used as a soothing and hydrating moisturizer, acting as a protective layer when applied to your vulva and vagina before taking a dip. Consider avoiding douching beforehand though, as this can throw off the natural pH balance of your vagina and cause infections to occur.

3. Don’t lounge in wet swimwear

We love the feeling of stretching out poolside in the sun after a swim, but warm wet swimwear creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Make sure you wash, dry off well (avoiding damp towels) and change into something else to help keep things feeling happy and healthy.

4. Re-think your evening hydration

You might find yourself more prone to feeling dehydrated in the evenings on vacation, especially if you’ve been sweating during the day. Drinking lots is obviously important for a multitude of reasons, but ensuring that your water glass is full as you top up the wine at dinner can also help keep vaginal dryness at bay – which can otherwise leave you feeling sore and irritated.

If you are bothered by dryness, using a daily vaginal gel like the AH! YES VM Natural Vaginal Moisturizer (YES® VM Vaginal Moisturiser in the UK) is another great way to relieve discomfort and replenish your natural moisture.

5. Prepare for bedtime

It’s a fact that people tend to have more sex on vacation, and choosing a gentle, glycerin-free lube can help make intimate moments feel even better. Glycerin is a common ingredient in many personal lubricant products, and yet it can disrupt the delicate pH balance of your vagina and even increase your risk of yeast infections. Choosing a lube like the AH! YES WB Water-Based Natural Lubricant (YES® WB Water-Based Lubricant for UK readers) ensures a natural, intensely hydrating, and gentle experience. It has no negative impact on sperm motility, and it is also available in handy travel sizes, too.

While we’re at it, we should also mention here that sleeping without underwear is a great idea as it lets things breathe on warm nights. 

Stay worry-free with these summer vaginal health tips to help you take on the warmer days with confidence. Use code TRB20 to get 20% off of AH! YES® and YES® intimate care products – you won’t want to pack your suitcase without them.

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