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What are GLP-1 medications? A medical advisor talks weight loss outcomes and side effects

Emma Harpham in partnership with Joi Women’s Wellness   |   3 Nov 2023

We’ve been wondering – what are GLP-1 medications all about?

Like us, you may have heard a fair bit about these therapies that have been taking the internet by storm in 2023. But what are GLP-1 medications, really? Are they just another passing trend, or a genuine solution for weight management?

Watch as we unravel the science behind these hormone therapies, exploring their potential side effects and addressing concerns about their safety.

Plus, we’ll delve into the realistic weight loss expectations associated with these medications, helping you make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Teaming up with the fab Dr Amy Killen, Medical Advisor at Joi Women’s Wellness (our trusted source for tailored hormone treatments and comprehensive support) we separate the fads from the facts.

Joi’s mission is to empower you in managing your well-being. Before diving in, head over to explore their pioneering peptide and hormone-balancing treatments, designed to help you find the best path forward for your weight management journey.

What are GLP-1 medications? Are they just another fad diet?

GLP-1 weight loss medications can help balance your hunger and fullness hormones, signalling to the brain that you are full, and reducing your cravings.

You can read more about how your hormones are connected to weight management here – but in short, these medications are not just another fad diet.

“No. There’s one big difference between fad diets and GLP-1 medications, willpower.

These medications slow gastric emptying so you feel full longer and they decrease the hunger signals being sent from your brain.

They can be really helpful if traditional diets have failed you because they can remove one of the biggest hurdles of dieting, relying solely on willpower to succeed.”

What side effects are associated with GLP-1 medications? Are they dangerous?

Amy guides us through the side effects of GLP-1 medications. The key takeaway? Start low and work up to keep side effects to a minimum.

“About 50% of people will have some degree of nausea, potentially vomiting, diarrhoea, and other GI side effects. 

These are very common and can be reduced by starting at a very low dose and titrating up slowly.”

How much weight can you really expect to lose with GLP-1 medications?

Everyone’s weight management journeys are unique.

Whether you’re looking to get healthy before starting trying to conceive, you’re post-pregnancy, or just looking to kickstart your wellness journey, your goals and needs will look different.

But, Amy explains, you don’t need to be on these medications for that long to see the benefits.

“Many of my patients will see weight loss even in the first few weeks.”

So, when it comes to GLP-1 medications, this doctor reckons they’re not just another fad diet. And whilst some side effects might arise – they are typically manageable and not considered dangerous.

Keep in mind that individual results may vary, but with proper guidance and a holistic approach to health, you can achieve realistic and sustainable weight loss goals with the help of GLP-1 medications. Always consult with a specialist to determine the best course of action for your specific needs and goals.

Learn more about peptide therapy and take control of your health with Joi, no matter where you are on your journey. Schedule a consultation with Joi’s team today, and get assigned to a personal health coach who’ll create a personalized treatment plan.

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