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6 Fertility Books Worth Reading

Holly Pigache  |   9 Dec 2021

When you’re about to begin assisted reproduction treatment, it can be helpful to read books about fertility or IVF treatment (beyond the clinic’s dry information leaflets).  As with every topic that has books written about it, fertility is an area that is covered well… and not so well.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite fertility books – covering everything from treatment and specific conditions to lifestyle tweaks and mindset – to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your body!

The Big Picture

When you’re not quite sure where to start, IVF: All You Need to Know by Clare Goulty and Sue Bedford might be the one for you. 

Goulty and Bedford have edited this collection of invaluable information by leading fertility experts.  A “step-by-step guide”, this book leads you from choosing the right fertility clinic for you, through preparing your mind and body for IVF, understanding different treatments and potential complications.  The recipe guide seems like a handy addition but it’s clearly not written by foodies (I should know, my mum was a chef).  

To make sure you don’t abandon your treatment on account of a boring diet, you might want to read Zita West’s The IVF Diet – as recommended by lots of our IG followers (follow our Instagram here). 

Covering so much more than “just” nutrition, this week-by-week diet and lifestyle plan will help you become pregnant with IVF.

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Image credit: Zita West and Goulty and Bedford via Waterstones

Top Quality Eggs

Image credit: Rebecca Fett via Waterstones

For optimal IVF results, you want to be healthy and that includes the cells inside you. 

It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett (recommended by so many members in our community) is evidence-backed and practical in its approach to improving egg quality for fertility (and ultimately, IVF).

Keeping Sane

If your fertility journey is driving you bananas, check out Tori Day’s book, Warrior, about “staying sane while trying to conceive”. 

TTC is a rollercoaster of a journey – there are emotional highs, emotional lows and more medical appointments than you care to think about.  Day’s book is a candid and humorous look at the path to becoming pregnant.

Image credit: Tori Day via Amazon

Explaining IVF to Little Ones

Image credit: The Magic of… via Sensitive Matters and Happy Together via Happy Together Children’s Books

Further down the line, The Magic of You books by Sensitive Matters (see our full review here) are a beautiful and unique way of clearly explaining donor conception to your donor-conceived child/children, fully personalised to your family situation.

Similarly, the Happy Together series provides eight “heartwarming” scenarios to introduce young children to the family-building concepts of IVF, egg, sperm and embryo donations and surrogacy.  An illustrated bear couple (two mums, two dads, a mum and a dad) or a single bear mum are used to explain their journey of becoming parents.

If you’d like to purchase a beautiful Sensitive Matters ‘The Magic of’ book for donor-conceived children, FHH readers get an exclusive 15% off until the end of February 2022 when using code FHH15 at checkout.  Click here to buy a the photo book and here to buy the avatar version.

We love your suggestions of recommended reading for fertility, IVF and donor conception.  As always, we’re keen to hear advice and shared stories from everyone in our community so message us on Instagram to share your recommended books for IVF treatment and more!

We’ll be sharing more recommended reading lists in the coming months, so keep your ideas coming and we’ll be sure to include them.

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