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IVF with Egg Donation – Why People Turn to Egg Donors

Eloise Edington  |   4 Mar 2021


Infertility is a common problem, regardless of age. However, parenthood can be a reality, even if fertility treatment wasn’t the path you thought or dreamed of taking. Having been there myself after my husband’s diagnosis of azoospermia, due to Klinefelter Syndrome, I know that moving on to donor conception (whether that’s with donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryos) can be a very viable option. We know how overwhelming making this decision can be, so we’ve turned to Štepán Budka, Chief Physician of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Fertility Port Prague, who educates us on the relationship between infertility and age, tells us who can become a donor and explains the egg donor programme at Fertility Port fertility clinic, in the Czech Republic.

Words by Dr Štepán Budka | @fertilityportprague

Infertility and Age

Today’s life possibilities are countless and our reproduction has become a bit forgotten. Nature however, does not ask whether young people have their own house, a permanent job, or an ideal life partner. So, what most of us don’t like to hear still applies: that age plays the most important role in the quest for conception, in both natural and assisted conception. As the Chief Physician of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Fertility Port Prague, I encounter people with infertility every single day. Therefore, based on my rich experience, I know how egg donation treatment is the only solution for many couples to have their own child.

Most women in their 30s have the chance to conceive naturally, but over 40 years old, these chances are minimized, as the number and quality of oocytes (eggs) decrease rapidly with age. For those who have postponed parenthood until later in life (for various reasons), the use of donated reproductive gametes is the only option. According to doctors’ recommendations, donated eggs are the easiest way to have your much-desired child, especially in women older than 38 years.

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Who Becomes a Donor?

Every egg donor must meet several criteria, and is repeatedly tested for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as being obliged to undergo genetic, gynaecological and ultrasound examinations. Family history and psychological profiles are also evaluated, and, if all the results are okay, the suitable donors can be included in the egg donation programme. These are most often mothers on maternity leave, or university students. In order to assign an egg donor to a recipient, phenotypic and blood group matching are particularly respected and considered. The whole process is strictly carried out, both legally, and medically, whilst the law here in the Czech Republic guarantees complete anonymity for all the parties involved.

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IVF with Egg Donation Programmes

For fertility treatment, it is important to choose an assisted reproduction centre that can ensure a pleasant family atmosphere, with an individual and personalised approach. The environment and the approach of the fertility specialists and team can influence the course of treatment, which is a very intimate matter. Satisfaction of patients with fertility specialists and medical staff is therefore very important for an already stressed mental state.

Patients who have a baby from IVF with an egg or sperm donor often send u
s thank-you messages about how lucky and blessed they are, saying that they felt as though they should have chosen this path earlier and not have been so afraid. Some of them attach photos, to share what can be a similar appearance between the child and the parents. The baby develops under the heart of a woman, who carries the child for a whole nine months. They build a relationship, give birth, and then most importantly they educate the child and shape their personality, which is not about DNA.

Don’t be afraid to ask your fertility specialist about the possibility of using donor sperm / donor eggs. At our fertility clinic, we’re always happy and ready to discuss the whole process with you and to prepare an individual treatment plan for you, based on mutual trust and an individualised approach.

It is our goal and priority to help you become a family.

If you’d like to find out more about fertility treatment in the Czech Republic and how Fertility Port Prague can help you, click here.

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