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Missed The Fertility Show This Year? Catch Up Here

Eloise Edington  |   1 Jun 2022

Each year, there are events the Fertility Help Hub team looks forward to. The Fertility Show is one of them.

After a few years’ hiatus due to Covid, The Fertility Show was back earlier this month bursting with an impressive line-up of exhibitors and speakers to help you get pregnant. Fertility clinics and specialists from across the world shared their expert advice on fertility treatment, inspirational fertility community members shared their tales of their fertility journey, helping listeners to learn from others who’ve gone through similar experiences – and so much more.

Here, Sophie Sulehria from The Fertility Show shares her highlights and where to catch up on the unmissable expert fertility advice.

Over to Sophie…

Hello for the first time since The Fertility Show 2022 – we made it! What an event it was; I was absolutely delighted to be a part of it. I had the privilege of hosting many of the seminars and also the wonderful “Let’s all Talk Fertility” Hub, home to our wonderful ambassadors and patients in the community. The vibe was warm, the fertility advice was strong and I can honestly say I feel we helped a lot of people TTC at this year’s Show.

In fact, here are some wonderful stats from our post-show survey to prove it…

  • 88% of you rated The Fertility Show 2022 good to excellent. We cannot tell you how happy this makes us.
  • 86% rated the seminars good to excellent, while 89% liked the new Q&A format. (This is great because I was one of the hosts!) Veering towards a conversation rather than a presentation was the new strategy for this year’s Show so we are glad it worked.
  • 84% of people said they are considering moving forward with fertility treatment with a fertility specialist they met at the Show – we were delighted to be able to match people together for their next steps.
  • 75% have accessed The Fertility Show online platform. This was another improvement – our new digital element means you can catch up with those all-important talks again until 31st July*. For those with tickets you can access the platform here and for those who want to purchase a digital ticket now, click here.

Needless to say, the team at The Fertility Show are delighted and we are already planning next year’s Show!

Some of my favourite things at The Fertility Show 2022…

The Seminars

As mentioned, I had the pleasure of hosting many of the seminars across the weekend. I met some incredible people within my four walls, during each and every talk I held. From learning about choosing a fertility clinic and egg freezing or IVF, to understanding donor conception and fertility treatment abroad (and far, far more in between), there wasn’t a section of the TTC and fertility field that wasn’t discussed and uncovered.

I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but of course, I did! The seminar covering adoption with social worker Caroline from Adopt Thames Valley and Not A Fictional Mum (NFM, an adopter herself), blew me away. I had to hold in the tears as the pair told of the children who need to be adopted and why it’s such a rewarding way to parenthood. NFM answered every question so thoughtfully and told us she felt “privileged” to be her son’s mother.

“People think of the children being lucky – they’re lucky to have you, or they’re lucky to have found you,” she said. “I am so lucky to have this child in my life. He’s incredible and a total inspiration” – so are you NFM, so are you! Click here to watch this talk again.

The Let’s All Talk Stage

This was a personal project of mine at this year’s Show. Over the course of lockdown, I had started to make friends with lots of the lovely people from the fertility world, who have themselves faced a fertility struggle and who have gone on to help others – many of them you will know from the world of Instagram.

Amber Izzo, Gurinder Mann, Becky Kearnes, Shaun Greenaway, Kreena Dhiman, Emma and Gabby from The Big Fat Negative spread themselves across the weekend and joined us for a lunchtime round-table chat about their personal experiences. They gave some wonderful fertility-related advice about self-care and how to deal with pregnancy triggers, and were there to meet and greet people who needed a chat.

I was moved by a mother who had come to the Show with her daughter, and who couldn’t hold back the tears after watching this talk. “I don’t know how to help her,” she told me, “I feel helpless that I can’t give her the one thing she wants, a baby,” she told Gurinder, as Gurinder comforted her. Her daughter had come along specifically to meet Amber and they spoke for a long time about how to deal with the endless struggle of infertility. The young woman seemed to benefit greatly from their chat… Never underestimate the power of a fertility community.

Self-care and Alternatives to Fertility Treatment

I was bowled over by the calming nature so many alternative therapies can bring to the mind and body. Sarah Clark, an expert in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine joined me for a chat about the impact acupuncture can have on gynaecology and pregnancy, and how it can help support your fertility journey. Barbara Scott, the Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists discussed reproductive reflexology and how it can be helpful for both men and women (to watch these wonderful seminars again, just head to our digital platform* here before 31st July.

For the first time in a while, we had yoga at the Show! As many will know, yoga is wonderful for your body and mind, so included were some free classes at the back of the exhibition hall, there to help reduce any stress and anxiety our visitors may have been holding from a fertility struggle. For the same reason, we had masseuses dotted around the place! I had the most amazing massage after day one of this year’s Fertility Show… Self-care is essential whilst TTC, which is why it was so high on our agenda alongside the invaluable insights from fertility specialists.

Overall I had a thoroughly positive, insightful time at The Fertility Show 2022. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s hear from an exhibitor who held her first stand at this year’s Show:

Eloise and Fertility Help Hub at The Fertility Show

“I loved how there was a vast array of fertility-related topics covered in seminar sessions across the weekend. It was amazing to meet other professionals in the fertility space and an honour to speak and share my experience to help others.”

“Exhibiting with a stand gave a totally different experience: it was wonderful to hear people come by our FHH stand and mention how supportive they’ve found our fertility community. We heard how valuable our weekly fertility newsletter is for the community and the support our Instagram provides.”

“As always, it was amazing to chat with people struggling with all aspects of fertility and introduce them, in person, to some of the fertility experts we work with, so they can get the help they need.” – Eloise

If you didn’t manage to make it to this year’s Fertility Show, it’s not too late to benefit from our expert fertility advice. Our digital platform* is now open for business, ready for you to access those great seminars again (until 31st July).

Once again, for those with tickets click here and for those who want to purchase a digital ticket now, click here.

We look forward to seeing you there. Until then, take care.

*Our digital platform is accessible via desktop and laptop only.

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