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Embryo Transfer Tips & Managing the Two Week Wait with Dr Samantha Pfeifer

Eloise Edington  |   6 Nov 2020

This week we’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Dr Samantha Pfeifer (Associate Professor of Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology at Weill Cornell), to hear about what’s in your control and what’s not when it comes to IVF.

Embryo Transfer Preparation & Tips

We spend weeks or months gearing up for the all important embryo transfer day. It’s emotional turmoil: everything riding on it, wanting our body to be in tip-top condition. We recently published an article on How to Prepare for an Embryo Transfer by an embryologist in Australia, which was hugely popular. So, we thought it important to delve deeper and chat to a leading fertility specialist about it.

Dr Samantha Pfeifer Embryo Transfer Two Week Wait

Two-Week Wait Symptoms

Managing the two-week wait is hell. We’ve been there – analysing every twinge and symptom under the sun. With this also playing on people’s minds, we felt it would be useful to ask Dr Pfeifer how best to prepare your body for embryo transfer – things to do and to avoid during the dreaded 2WW (two-week wait).

Watch what Dr Pfeifer suggests about how to prepare for embryo transfer and keeping sane during the two-week wait.

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