A beginner’s guide to egg freezing

If you’re considering freezing your eggs – we think you’re amazing, by the way – what are the basics to know about the process, and what should you learn about your options, before hitting go? We asked a female fertility preservation specialist for the 101.

what does unexplained infertility mean

What does unexplained infertility mean, really?

Watch and learn what an unexplained infertility ‘diagnosis’ might mean for you. We talk next steps and treatment options, and why it doesn’t have to close the door to pregnancy – with a specialist doctor.

advocating for yourself during IVF

How to advocate for yourself during IVF

Embarking on the journey of IVF can be difficult and overwhelming - whether it's your first or fifth or tenth cycle. We've been there, and we feel you. To help you feel that bit more supported, we've compiled these essential tips to help you advocate for yourself during IVF, together with the lovely Lauren Haring [...]

Egg donation in Spain – what to know

We delve into the process of egg donation in Spain, shedding light on how one of Europe’s benchmark clinics – Eugin – selects donors, the intricate steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and the unique aspects that characterize the Spanish approach to this remarkable journey.


Vaginal dryness – symptoms, causes, and prevention

Vaginal dryness - this common yet under-discussed issue can affect vagina-owners of all ages, causing discomfort, pain, and impacting overall well-being. Today, we're delving into the various causes and symptoms of vaginal dryness, while also providing valuable insights into prevention and management techniques. Together with Liz the Content Specialist at AH! YES® (YES® in the UK) [...]
Nutri Advanced_Spotlight Sessions_Folic acid_Folate

Folate vs Folic Acid – which really is best? A nutritional therapist breaks it down

Folate vs folic acid - the 101 guide Folate vs folic acid is a crucial but often confusing topic. Both are forms of vitamin B9, essential for various bodily functions, especially during pregnancy. However, the differences between the two can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. Together with Nutritional Therapist and Health [...]


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