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Your 101 on Male and Female Fertility Testing

FEATURING Clinica Tambre  |   31 Mar 2022

Are you having your fertility investigated and wondering about the different types of male and female fertility testing?

Watch as TRB Founder (Eloise) speaks with the Medical Director of Clinica Tambre, Dr. Laura García, about everything you want (and need!) to know about fertility testing.

Clinica Tambre is a fertility clinic based in Spain and the team is committed to scientific development and innovation. With cutting-edge technology, fertility specialists at Clinica Tambre offer their patients the most effective fertility treatment for conception. View their profile here and their website here.
Watch this video to find out about:
  • Essential fertility tests for men and women
  • Advanced male and female fertility testing such as sperm DNA fragmentation, EMMA, ERA and ALICE testing.

Your fertility clinic will offer initial fertility tests and may offer advanced tests so it’s important to understand what the different tests investigate and what the results might indicate. Read more about female and male fertility testing here.

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