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Taking Vitamin D? Then you may need Vitamin K2 (here’s the why & how)

Jessie Day, in partnership with Nutri Advanced  |   21 Nov 2023

The results are in from our Insta poll, in collab with Nutri Advanced. Around 83 per cent of us take a vitamin D supplement. But only 5 per cent pair theirs with vitamin K2. And, just 14 per cent of us are clear on vitamin D3 and K2 combination benefits – our focus for this 101. 

Vitamin D gets a lot of attention for its immune-supporting benefits. But alongside, it’s hugely important for our bone health, supporting normal calcium absorption day-to-day. As we dive deep into cold and flu season, let’s unpack where vitamin K2 comes into it, and what there is to know about supplements which pair them together.

First stop, a good supplement combo

The best vitamin D3 and K2 supplements, for me, will feature both micronutrients in specific ratios (more on this later). I also like a liquid formula for flexible dosing, and fast absorption. Nutri Advanced have developed a fantastic option in their Vitamin D3 with K2 blend – I love its light, natural orange flavour, which I can also add to drinks when needed. 

Read up on a few of my all-time Nutri Advanced go-tos, before you dive into K2 and D3 benefits, including superstar magnesium options, their high-strength fish oil, pregnancy supplement and a banging multivitamin

My top tip: The Ribbon Box readers get 20% off the entire range at Nutri Advanced right now with code TRB20, so do take advantage.

Back to the benefits of vitamin K2 and D3, I picked up with the fantastic Katherine Pardo BSc (Hons), Dip ION, who is Head of Nutrition and Education at Nutri Advanced. Here’s her expert run-through of this power couple of the supplement world. 

should i take d3 and k2 at same time

Vitamin D3 and K2 combination benefits – can you run us through?

There are a few crucial ones to keep in mind when thinking about switching from just vitamin D to a D3/K2 blend. From bone density and arterial health to that well-known connection with immune function, let’s unpack each.

Supporting healthy bones

One of the key benefits of vitamin K2 and D3 as a combo, is that they work together to support healthy bones. Simply put, vitamin D helps your body absorb and use calcium, which gives your bones their strength and density. Vitamin K2 helps the body deposit calcium in the right place – i.e in our bones – and not elsewhere, for example in our arteries.

Studies show that low levels of vitamin K can cause issues for our bone mineral density – we need to bear in mind conditions associated with poor bone density, particularly for women as we move through the life stages – and increased fracture risk.

Further, research shows that a combination of vitamin K2 and D3 is more effective than just taking either nutrient on its own, for supporting bone mineral density.  

Supporting arterial health

I was really encouraged to see that in our Insta poll with The Ribbon Box, at least 14 per cent of people had an awareness of this aspect, and how important a D3 and K2 combo may be for our arterial health. Education is increasing every year, in line with new research and there are some really fantastic products coming to market, to help us get D3 and K2 in one go.  

In combination, vitamins D3 and K2 work together to produce and activate Matrix GLA Protein (MGP), a substance found around the elastic fibres of your arterial lining.

Maintaining immune health

83 per cent of people responding to our poll currently take Vitamin D, and I’d guess that immune support is a big part of that. There’s been so much research and prominent campaigning around why vitamin D is crucial for our immune health, especially in parts of the world where we may not be getting enough day-to-day sunlight to make sufficient amounts of vitamin D naturally.

Read up on why the NHS recommends vitamin D in pregnancy and across preconception now too, alongside its longstanding recommendation for folic acid. With a vitamin D3 and K2 combination supplement, you’re getting the immune benefit, whilst supporting healthy bones and arterial health.

benefits of vitamin k2 and d3

So, should I take D3 and K2 at the same time?

How do I know if I need to do both? This is a question I get asked a lot – does everyone need to make the switch to a D3 and K2 blend? 

There’s no widely available test for vitamin K levels – you’d need to get a blood test arranged with your doctor – but adults are more likely to need to supplement with it as they get older, in order to protect against the effects of ageing on heart and bone health.

Vitamin D on the other hand can be easily tested either at home or via the GP, although it’s fairly safe to assume that most people in the UK become increasingly deficient throughout the winter months. 

So the answer is, you don’t know if you need both but it’s better to supplement with a combination of D3 and K2 as you get older to protect heart and bone health.

What kind of ratio and balance should I look for?

As a guide I recommend clients take 45 mcg of vitamin K2 per 1000 IU of vitamin D3.

This is much easier to do with a blended product (rather than calculating across various jars and labels), like the Nutri Advanced Vitamin D3 with K2 (skip to the end for 20% off the entire range right now). This one packs in 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving (just three drops), paired with 45 mcg of vitamin K2. 

And how do you like the maths on this – it comes to just 6p a serving. 

Can’t I get both from a multivitamin?

Yes, a good multi will provide both nutrients at good levels, although ratios may vary. Taking a standalone D3/K2 supplement will ensure you get the recommended ratio of 45 mcg of vitamin K2 per 1000 IU of vitamin D3. And ratios are really important. 

Looking to switch to a vitamin D3 and K2 combination supplement? Or maybe you’re on it already but looking for better ratios. Wherever you’re at, the Nutri Advanced Vitamin D3 with K2 is a team favourite, for its fresh taste, easy 3-drop serving and always-superior quality of ingredients. 

Get 20% off the entire range with code TRB20 at checkout.

best vitamin d3 and k2 supplements

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