From fertility-friendly gifts to our wellbeing wishlist items – these are the brands we’ve loved, in 2023

Emma Harpham  |   24 Nov 2023

From fertility-friendly gift recommendations to our most-wanted wellness products – here’s our handpicked festive favourites guide, loved by the TRB team this year.

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Zita West Fertility SupplementsOur absolute go-to when it comes to total supplement care for fertility and beyond

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 YES® & AH! YES® – Our fave range of safe, gentle, and healthy products created for your most intimate areas

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HOLIDAY SUPPORT: TTC at Thanksgiving, and Christmas – you’ve got this

If you’re TTC at Thanksgiving, Christmas or just about any big holiday, it can feel extra hard. Many of us on the TRB team have been there – and we feel you. So much. That’s why we sat down with Dr Thais Varzoni, mental health counsellor at the amazing Brown Fertility, for her tips on navigating a fertility journey, during the holidays.

Embrace Fertility – IVF Empowerment & Milestone Cards

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Mojo – the complete at-home male fertility test

Joi Women’s Wellness – customized therapies and end-to-end wellbeing support

Veridiscover what foods and habits work for you with the first metabolic health program powered by your data

Track your blood sugar, and get things back in balance – supporting your fertility, hormones and wellbeing. Get $30 off your first month of Veri using code: VSM-THERIBBONBOX

TRB FOUNDER SHOUT OUT: My real-time IVF prep plan – Part 2: superfoods

The IVF (and pre egg-collection) superfoods list I worked with earlier this year was all about egg quality, antioxidants, hormone regulation, blood flow and anti-inflammatory support. Keen to find out more? Let’s go!

Nutri AdvancedOur Senior Editor’s all-time fave for supporting your health journey – no matter where you are, and no matter how long it takes

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TRB EDITOR SUPPLEMENT FAVE: Taking Vitamin D? Then you may need Vitamin K2

Vitamin D gets a lot of attention for its immune-boosting benefits. But alongside, it’s hugely important for our bone health. As we dive deep into cold and flu season, let’s unpack where vitamin K2 comes into it, and the supplements which pair them together.

Daye – On a mission to raise the standards of gynae products

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Beli – Supporting men and women with nutrient-packed fertility supplements

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Je Joue – Sophisticated, elegantly naughty and a sensual treat

My oovi – Your holistic menstrual health toolkit

The period pain relief our Junior Writer swears by!

Leeaf – the data-driven fertility health platform redefining clinic efficiency

Ovum – Pre-Conception and Ovulation Support Fertility Supplement

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TRB TRIED & TESTED: I tried tracking my fertility using the saliva method– here’s what I learned

Here at team TRB, we’re a little bit obsessed with cycle tracking and trying out new ways to understand what our hormones are up to. Here’s what happened when Emma, our Junior Writer, tried tracking her fertility using just her saliva for two cycles. Spoiler alert – it was a bit of a game-changer.

Ovuscope – to predict your most fertile days

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Fertility yoga 101 – expert pointers and poses for when you’re TTC

Whether you’re already a bit of a yogi or you’re looking to try something new – we’ve heard that yoga is a fantastic tool for holistic fertility support. But how does fertility yoga work? And what should we know before we get on our mats? Dive in for the 101, with an experienced instructor.

Ovaterra – Reproductive health supplements backed by science

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MyVitro – Medication organizers for fertility treatment, founded by infertility warriors

YO Sperm Test – Male at-home fertility test kit

Bimuno – Unique, high in fibre prebiotic supplements

Ladywell – The only supplement you need for hormone health

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IG LIVE TO WATCH: Handling the crazy things people (will) say, over the holidays

We’re not sure what gives people (even well-meaning friends and family!) the idea they can say just what they like about our fertility, sex lives and mental health. It can be especially tricky to deal with comments at this time of the year – make this IG live your go-to for tips to handle it all.

Viridian – Ethical vitamins with an organic heart

WHAT TRB LEARNT THIS YEAR: BCL6 – fertility’s hidden puzzle piece?

BCL6. It may sound like a scary and unrelatable scientific term, but it can play a central role on a fertility journey. With unexplained infertility affecting up to 30 per cent of couples, the groundbreaking ReceptivaDx™ test uses this protein marker to find out whether endometriosis could be behind a struggle to conceive. Read on to learn what exactly we found out.

SHARED STORY: Living until you feel alive again – My story of baby loss, grief and healing

Kelly, co-founder of FLY Mama shares her journey through baby loss, grief and finding hope during recovery. 

FLY Mama – an online platform to support you physically and emotionally after perinatal trauma and loss

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ON TRB WATCH LIST: 3 top tips for staying sane during IVF – Expert Q&A

Whether this is your first, second or twelfth round of IVF, going through this process can be bruising to your mental health. Even if it’s just a case of getting confident with your meds, tips to prep in advance can really help to smooth the experience, once you hit ‘go’. Watch for more of our favourite tips.

Invivo – Restoring human health and ecology

Fairhaven Health – Personalised supplements to support your fertility journey

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Naitre – More scientific. More tailored. More absorbent. More effective supplements. 

Flo app – Ovulation and period tracker app

Randox Health – Helping you better understand your hormones and fertility

TRB FOUNDER FAVE: How to create a wider support network for your donor-conceived family

TRB Founder Eloise and her husband were contacted (out of the blue) by a lesbian couple who used the same sperm donor as them, via their bank’s donor sibling registry. How did the couple find out Eloise and her husband used the same donor?  How did they contact them? Read on for Eloise’s sperm bank’s Sibling Registry experience.

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